Friday, March 03, 2006


Manufacturer Attitude problem in Malaysia

Manufacturer, when you wanna change ?

As a web developer, i am disappointed with the websites of many malaysian manufacturers.

Many of the websites are not updated for the past few years. Even the telepone number has been changed but in the website the number still remain the old one.

In the year 2001, the goverment agency SMIDEC has a grant for the manufacturer to build up the website. It was effective, according to a reliable data, more than 3,000 manufacturers have signed-up with the grant and they have websites that display their products.

But until now, they website still remain in the old design. Worsely, the information are not updated.

When i trying to approach them for re-design or update the website, they first response is "how much is the charge ? " when i told them the price, they want cheaper and cheaper, which i think most of the web developer cannot take the offer.

Why ? because the website was built under the government grant. It is consider a free website and the manufacturers don't need to pay any money.

And now when i ask them to pay for update/change, they are very reluctant to pay the fee.

If Malaysia manufacturer still have this kind of attitude, it is very difficult for Malaysia to compete to oversea in this Information Technology Age.

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